Saturday, 12 November 2011

aLL aBouT " LOVE "

Love is like a dandelion~ 
“Like is… like when a dandelion seed is on the ground and it’s a soft and good feeling. 
While LOVE is that same seed is in the ground is growing and sprouting. 
A dandelion seed can always be spotted and always can just fly away. 

But for that flower to grow, you need to give it water, block it from the wind and it becomes very precious. 
That is what I think of it.” ... it was cold .. it was like our first meeting .. and i felt that we could keep our beautiful memories safe just like a painting ... 

Its true that people can move on but you can never change the fact that only " AMNESIA " and " DEATH " can erase of the memories you have.

It’s better to be alone but happy, rather than being with someone who would only cause u pain and more loneliness.

And in the same way happiness can not be found by just having a romantic relationship. Happiness cannot be found in another person…

I wish i could be with someone i love so much FOREVER ! 

Never STOP loving YOU !!

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